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I am Ann Zeise, your guide to the best and most interesting and useful sites and articles about Milpitas and Silicon Valley on the web.

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Bringing together Milpitas citizens, commuters, visitors, and those who provide services.


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Community Matters in Milpitas, CA


Being A Kid is Not a Crime
There's movement in this city and state to have a daytime curfew which would ban young people of school age from being out and about during school hours.

Opinions and news from around Silicon Valley, from well known reporters and others just with opinions.

Boards and Mail Lists
Connect with others in Milpitas and nearby to talk about our town and its activities.

Photo essays of events, celebrations and seasonal activities from your Go Milpitas guide.

Community Breakfast
The community breakfast's purpose is simple, to give the everyday residents of Milpitas access to their civic leaders in and a give and take exchange of ideas over a casual breakfast.

Community Center
A large hall with a stage and several meeting and activity rooms make up the lively Milpitas Community Center.

Community Library
The Milpitas Community Library is a tremendously popular resource.

Community Services
Local Charities. How and where to get grants, funding, project support and other community resources.

The contents of this page will change as contests come and go for the talented here in Milpitas, California. Local contests only.

Crime Fighting
Legal services and other information to help fight crime, or just help you find a lawyer or legal form.

Be prepared! Get these links printed out for that health, earthquake, or power outage emergancy.

Ethnic Organizations
Black, Chinese, East Indian, and Vietnamese Organizations in Milpitas or nearby and with lots of Milpitas members.

Whether you need a meeting hall for business, a wedding, or large event, there's a place to rent in Milpitas!

Home Pages
Web sites of residents of Milpitas and information for building and maintaining your web site.

Lawyers in Milpitas
There are top attorneys right here in our small town to help you with personal and business matters. Some speak multiple languages and can help with immigration matters.

For mothers who want to network with other moms in or near Milpitas, Califiornia.

Neighborhood Associations
Neighborhood websites and private mail lists. Information on how to organize a neighborhood association.

What's there to do in this town? How do Milpitas and other Silicon Valley cities treat their teenagers?

Volunteer matching services. Find the voluntary service that's just right for you.

Women's Resources
A section for women to network and find each other, help each other.

Clubs & Organizations

Bay Area Adventure Clubs
Social clubs for hiking, climbing, sailing, skydiving, adventure seeking, caving, and just out to have a good time with other SF Bay Area folks.

Boy Scouts Silicon Valley
Resources for Milpitas and Santa Clara County Boy Scouts and beyond.

Girl Scouts Silicon Valley
Resources for Milpitas and Santa Clara County Girl Scouts and beyond.

Kids' Clubs
From scouting to sport teams, Milpitas has lots of groups for kids and teens.

Get involved with one or more of these community organizations.

Places of Worship
We're a diverse community with a wide variety of religious practices.

Senior Center
Event information, senior resource links, map, directions and a photo of the Milpitas Senior Center.

Singles Center
Bay Area groups for single people to meet and have fun together.

Sister Cities
More information and links about our two sister cities: Dugupan City in the Philippines, and Kukizaki, Japan.

User Groups in Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley user groups for hardware platforms, internet and web, professionals and hobbyists.

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