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Elmwood Jail

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Elmwood Jail - Contact Information & Map

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Contact Information - Click to call on Mobile Phone

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Elmwood Men's Facility
701 S. Abel Street
Milpitas, CA  95035
Administration   408-957-5300
Public Information Msg. 408-957-5842
Visiting Office 408-957-5900
Programs           408-957-5850

Correctional Center for Women
701 S. Abel Street
Milpitas, CA  95035
Administration   408-957-5300
Visiting Information   408-957-5414
Pre-Processing Information 408-299-8720

Contact Information
Additional contact information for the Main Jail, the Elmwood Correctional Facility and the Correctional Center for Women. Automated Jail Information: 408-976-5245.
Booking Info SSC: 408-299-2306.


Map to Correctional Facilities
Google Map to 701 Abel St. Jail is in the large open space between I-880, Abel St. and Great Mall Pkwy.

View Larger Map

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Inmates may receive
PAPERBACK books only.

The Best Resource Directory for Prisoners Edition 4
by Mike Enemigo
Newly revised has over 1,400 resources. Includes: Pen-Pal companies, Non-nude photo sellers, prison advocates, correspondence education, resources for prison writers, poets, authors, and much, much more.

Prison Grievances: when to write, how to write
by Terri LeClercq
This entertaining and educational graphic novel teaches inmates how to think through a jail or prison problem and then write a grievance about it. Written with 5th-grade vocabulary and syntax, it engages readers with plot and character development. Grievances must conform to the stringent rules of the federal Prison Litigation Reform Act and the rules of particular jails or prison systems. This novel teachers those rules. It also warns against frivolous and malicious filings. Endorsed by Sister Helen (Dead Man Walking) and over 700 human and civil rights groups, this much-needed novel is priced just right--and needed right now.

Criminal Law Handbook, The: Know Your Rights, Survive the System
by Paul Bergman JD (Author), Sara J Berman JD (Author)
The criminal justice system is complicated?Understand it and your rights Criminal law is full of complex rules and procedures, but this book demystifies them. It explains how the system works, why police, lawyers, and judges do what they do, and--most important--the options for suspects, defendants, and victims. It also provides critical information on working with a lawyer. In plain English, The Criminal Law Handbook covers:

  • search and seizure
  • arrest, booking, and bail
  • Miranda
  • arraignment
  • plea bargains
  • trials
  • sentencing
  • working with defense attorneys
  • common defenses
  • constitutional rights
  • juvenile court
  • preliminary hearings
  • appeals
  • public defenders
This edition is completely updated, covering the latest in criminal law, including U.S. Supreme Court cases.


Crime Fighting

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