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Why Macs Can't Watch City Hall Meetings

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Hello Ann;
We checked on the status of the issues with Windows Media Player and Mac OS 10 and there doesn't seem to be any updates since our last inquiry. Below is a note that was forwarded to us by our streaming provider in response to their inquires with Microsoft:

Hi Eliren,

Milpitas provides video files in Windows Media Version 9. Unfortunately the codecs have not yet been finished for Mac OS X, although Microsoft recently announced that they will soon be available. The official quote:

"We are definitely planning to support WMA 9 Voice in the upcoming release of Windows Media Player 9 Series for Mac OS X. We showed the new player running with Apple's Safari browser at their WWDC a few weeks back. We're shooting for fall release to web right now and we'll keep the list posted.Thanks for your patience"

Unfortunately Microsoft jumped the gun and forces newer systems to encode in Windows Media Version 9 before the Mac OS X version was available. As a result, we are required to make files in 9 format before some people can play them. Once Microsoft has a stable release it will be available on Mac OS X and we will add download instructions to our help file. This isn't just a problem with Microsoft codecs however, several Apple codecs have also not yet been completed for OS X and as a result some QuickTime files will not play on the new operating system. Apple has said that they are resolving these problems as well, and I would imagine by the end of the year all the video problems that Mac OS X has will be resolved. I will keep you and Teresa up-to-date as things develop.


More info is at Windows Media Player for Mac OS X.  As you will note, they list the Version 9 player as "Coming Soon."

Based on our latest stats, about 2% the visitors to our site are using a Mac O.S. and setting up a second stream such as Real Media or QuickTime probably wouldn't be warranted. So unfortunately, until Microsoft releases a compatible player, we won't be able to support Mac Users for streaming video. If we find out anything new, we'll keep you posted.

Bill Marion

Note from Ann Zeise

The GoMilpitas home page has the following system traffic:

Windows 90.83%  -  Mac 5.65%  -  Unix 1.70%  -  Other 1.79%

In other words, over 9% of those interested in Milpitas are NOT on Windows systems!

Those visiting my City Hall page, expressly looking for government information, have the following systems:

Windows 92.22%  -  Mac 4.49%  -  Unix 1.52%  -  Other 1.75%

If the City Hall site stats are reporting only 2% of traffic as Mac users, either their tracking system isn't picking up all Mac visitors, or Mac users are finding the City site so Mac-unfriendly that they are not sticking around. Perhaps the City's server is seeing Mac OS X users as visiting Unix systems!? Apple market share is about 5% worldwide, so that should be the norm on any site that isn't particularly about computers.

I watch QuickTIme movies quite often on Safari in OS X and have not noticed any problems.

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