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Dinner Trains

Napa Valley Wine Train
One of the world's most magnificent trains. Check out this month's special events! Official Site.

Sierra Railroad Dinner Train
Every week of the year, the Dinner Train offers romantic dinners, fun murder mysteries, lunches, Sunday brunches, wild west shows, wine tasting, and much more. Our train station in Oakdale is conveniently located 1+ hour from the San Francisco Bay Area or Sacramento, on the way toward Yosemite National Park.

Historic Trains

California Railroad & Trolley Corporation
Trolley rides available at the San Jose Historical Museum.

California State Railroad Museum
Every weekend April-September, ride behind a steam locomotive on the Museum's Sacramento Southern Railroad.

Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad
Began operations 1876 to link the rich mining districts of western Nevada County, California, with the Central Pacific's trans-continental railroad in Colfax.

Portola RR Museum
You get to actually be the engineer and drive a real locomotive (under the close supervision of an instructor).

Railtown 1897 State Historic Park
Located in Jamestown. Known as The Movie Railroad, Railtown 1897, its historic locomotives and cars have starred in hundreds of film and TV productions, including High Noon, Back to the Future 3, and Petticoat Junction.

Western Railway Museum
Ride or view over 100 interurban, streetcar, rapid transit, electric, steam and diesel locomotives, workcars, and classic heavyweight mainline passenger cars. In Suisun, on Hwy 12, east of I-80.

Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad
An exciting 4-mile railroad excursion at Yosemite Park's south gate on highway 41. Ride into history where powerful locomotives once hauled massive log trains through the Sierra mountains. Fish Camp.

Scenic Train Rides

Big Trees - Pacific Railroad
Runs a passenger train through the San Lorenzo Valley, from Felton to Santa Cruz. Downtown, the train runs down the middle of one of the side streets. Slowly! Photo with railroad sounds.

Niles Canyon Railway
Take a scenic ride on the historic steam locomotive trains and route along Niles Canyon, located between Sunol and Fremont.

Roaring Camp & Big Trees Narrow Gauge Railroad
Take a open car train ride through giant redwoods, stop for a picnic and catch the next train back. Take a train from Felton to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Participate in historical reenactments. Located in Felton.

Sacramento River Train
Ride through the Sacramento Valley from Woodland, CA, on a steam engine.

San Francisco Cable Cars
Probably the steepest rail rides and in city traffic, too! This site tells you everything from the history to the routes and fares. Try operating the interactive cable car.

Skunk Train
The Skunk line runs 40 miles from Fort Bragg on the coast to Willits on US Highway 101. Along the way, the tracks cross some 30 bridges and trestles and pass through two deep mountain tunnels.

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