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Kiddie Train Rides

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Bianchi Train
Beloved tiny train which operates in San Mateo's Central Park. According to the sign, it runs weekends only except from Jun 15-Aug 15, when it runs weekdays from 10 to noon, otherwise Sat and Sun from 11 to 1. Also, the train does not run in bad weather (cloudy/raining). The city park website does not list the correct hours, but does list a number to call in advance to confirm hours of operation: (650) 340-1520

Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad
Vasona Park, Los Gatos. There are two locomotives, the primary one, Number 2, is a 1905 vintage steam engine of the 2-6-2 prairie type, weighing approximately four tons. Runs year 'round, unless it's raining too hard.

Casa de Choo Choo
Casa de Fruta's Narrow Gauge Railroad is fun for children of all ages. The two-mile long track meanders through the complex, passing along scenic Pacheco Creek, past the zoo and the enclosure that is home to peacocks and rare white deer that originated from William Randolph Hearst's San Simeon menagerie. For the train's operating schedule, call 408-842-9316.

Confusion Hill
The 30-minute ride (more or less... it seems to depend on how actively the passengers interact with the engineer!) starts at the "station" atop a couple flights of stairs behind the gift-shop/ticket office. Piercy, Mendocino County, 75001 N. Hwy. 101.

Danny the Dragon
Reopens Saturday, March 20, 2010. A dragon train that has been at Kelly Park since 1961. Danny is powered by a tractor motor and parts are very difficult to find, so many of them are custom-made. He has a very complex guidance system that makes him seem as if he is magically gliding along his path.

Golden Gate Live Steamers
In the process of making track upgrades for its Tilden Park, Berkeley, trains. Public Open House will be June 22, 2008.

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo Rides
Ride the "Danny the Dragon" train. Parts of the park had flood damage. No animals from the zoo were harmed.

Little Puffer
This 22-gauge Class "E" Cagney miniature train has given California children rides for about a century. It currently operates at the San Francisco Zoo. Come take a ride!

Sonoma Train Town
Train Town is located on 10 acres with one and a quarter miles of track. Scale is 3" to a foot. Upon arrival at Lakeview you can stretch your legs and visit the petting zoo.

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